Epic metal quintet RISING takes an ambitious leap with the band’s fourth album ‘Sword And Scythe’, a concept album on the history of mankind seen from the perspective of cosmic circularity, where the full potential of the band’s musical vision unfolds in a collection of songs of both progressive outlook, melodic mastery and fierce aggression.

RISING materialized in 2008 when the founding members, drummer Martin Niemann and guitarist Jacob Krogholt found themselves sharing the vision of a metal band encompassing all the traits making this particular music exciting to them: Aggression, heaviness, melody, musicianship and vivid narratives of primeval forces as well as concrete opposition towards oppressive structures and ideologies. After releasing two EP’s and two critically acclaimed albums as a three-piece balancing musically towards doom and sludge, Niemann and Krogholt regrouped as a five-piece adding new dimensions to their trademark sound.

With the distinct, melodic vocals of lead singer Morten Grønnegaard and the further addition of bass player Bjarke Lassen and guitarist Anders Bo Rasmussen, RISING moved towards a more classic metal sound while retaining their unique blend of 70’s and 80’s heavy metal with the heavier aspects of more recent alternative variations on the genre. The new line-up recorded RISING’s third album ‘Oceans Into Their Graves’ which saw the band renewed and roaming its natural habitat with a grandiose, crushingly heavy and melodic collection of songs. The album led the band to international critical acclaim, shows at Roskilde Festival and Copenhell in their native Denmark as well as touring nationally and abroad.

Now, RISING has completed their fourth album ‘Sword And Scythe’, a monumental concept album consisting of ten songs and two short instrumentals produced by Jacob Bredahl and the band, while the album’s artwork are once again conceived and created by singer Morten Grønnegaard. Musically, the album shows an ensemble moving towards a more progressive direction, while operating confidently within a wide range of dynamics and facets of their own compositional and playing ability. The album varies from fast, short songs to longer epics with proggy structures, continuously displaying a fierce heaviness balanced by a distinct sense of melody and finesse, not at least in the updated twin guitar arrangements. Furtherly, the album is enriched by a group of musical guests adding choir vocals, piano, trombone and also mellotron parts performed by renowned Danish rock musician Tim Christensen.

Conceptually, ‘Sword And Scythe’ examines the progression and recession of mankind throughout the movements of history. As the sword and the scythe can be tools for fighting evil oppression and feeding hungry mouths, they are equally symbols of destruction and the greedy exploitation of our planet's resources. Since the dawn of man, the strive for power, wealth and growth has pushed many overambitious civilizations over the brink into the endless oblivion of forgotten history. The album tells the story of the rebirth and rise of humanity after a future total collapse of our global society. Will man learn from the mistakes of the past and evolve into something better and brighter, or are we forever destined to repeat history and steer towards our own perpetual ruin? The album proposes no answers, only questions as to who we are, what we are and what we might become.

Morten Grønnegaard - Vocals
Jacob Krogholt - Guitars
Anders Bo Rasmussen - Guitars
Bjarke Lassen - Bass
Martin Niemann - Drums

Sword And Scythe (album 2018)
Oceans Into Their Graves (album 2016)
Abominor (album 2013)
To Solemn Ash (album 2011)
Legacy of Wolves (single 2010)
S/T (EP 2009)