No Light

NO LIGHT is a new Danish rock band consisting of five experienced gentlemen with a past in such notable ensembles as Lack, The Fashion and Marvins Revolt. The quintet writes honest, energetic and not at least super melodic songs that might invoke reminiscences of the 90’s golden age of noise rock, but also have roots in the tradition of grand ole songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. The band released their self titled debut ep earlier in 2016, but now, relatively short after the first offering, we have their debut album ”Gemini” at hand.

With ”Gemini” NO LIGHT has created a timeless rock album. Where the debut ep took its point of departure in the 90’s alternative rock, the band has chosen to open up for whatever songs that might arrive when writing the album, record them before they became too familiar and let it all unfold in a basic rock constellation: One voice, two guitars, one bass and one drum kit. The creative process has been quick and all basic tracks were recorded in one day in Copenhagen by producer Lasse Ballade (Solbrud, Halshug). As a result of this, the songs come off as new, vibrating, fresh and with something at stake. NO LIGHT is capable of everything that rock music can do, but most importantly: They write great songs.

The prevailing theme of ”Gemini” is soul searching. The ten songs circle about being caught up between youth culture and adult life and the processing of the shame, the insufficiency and the fear that comes with the changes of age. Thereby, the record functions as a kind of catharsis for the adult person, that has a hard time becoming adult; who needs to let go of the one, he once was, and in some ways still is; the one he has become, the same, but different – one’s own twin.

”Gemini” is the sound of five men who in a thematically embrace with their age and lives still have something to say in a musical form that appears forever young and essential, when carried out in such a sincere manner as NO LIGHT does it. If that is everything it takes to say, what one wants to say, there is no reason to do otherwise – even though you have grown up and should know better.

Jeppe Jarlstrøm - Guitar
Jacob Johansen - Drums
Mixen Lindberg - Bass
Jakob Printzlau - Vox
Søren Frøkiær – Guitar

Gemini (Album 2016)
No Light (EP 2016)