Danish progressive doomers and multi heavy-metalists ALKYMIST enter the void between heaven and hell with the release of their new album ‘Sanctuary’ out May 1st 2020 on Indisciplinarian. Just one and a half year after their much acclaimed self titled debut album, ALKYMIST sets out once more on a trip that takes you far beyond this world and into their strange and crushingly heavy realm of brutal, yet beautiful and grandiose soundscapes.

Since 2016, ALKYMIST has trod its own trail and challenged the preconceptions of heavy music, with a dynamic, textured and progressive doom metal. Sanctuary’s six tracks and two sound collages of 43 minutes total duration lives fully up to the band’s eclectic vision. As on the first record, the new collection of songs is recorded and mixed by producer Lasse Ballade (Orm, Slægt, Solbrud a.o.) and the artwork created by Anders Kidmose.

‘Sanctuary’ embraces all the massive characteristics of doom metal alongside the adventurous spirit of classical music and 70’s progressive rock inhabited in the band’s distinct musical amalgam. ALKYMISTs musical approach is free from trivialities and limitations, resulting in a modern interpretation of doom metal with intensive layers of instrumentation, melodic compositional progression and a captivating lyrical universe.

On ‘Sanctuary’, ALKYMIST offers the listener an immersive, spiritual and transcendent journey. The record revolves around metaphysical questioning, soul searching, mental and cerebral escape and ultimately the quest to achieve redemption of spirit and flesh…

“Sanctuary is an odyssey in a life. A maneuver amongst demons and angels. Coming from a dark embrace into a haze of light, in between the infinite sky and vast lonely sea. Valiant, eager and not yet burdened by a sick load of sorrow but full of questions and full of wonder, desire and greed. Following the spirits call, a journey begins… A journey to find answers. Gazing upon the stars as if the answers were floating in the endless astral plane.

With each milestone passed, and the more explored, a lot of answers are given. But with each answer, new questions emerges both in heart and mind. Searching the unknown and trying to grasp the questions from the growing hordes of whispering shadows. But even if the shadows demand sacrifice, defeat and disappointment, and even if the sky seems sad and grey, there will still be reasons to celebrate. Reasons to shake hands with the holy and the cursed alike, drink with the sad and the merry and listen to the haunted and the blessed.

With eyes wide open blissfully towards the stars. With soul, heart and mind merged as one, the strive for sanctuary is still going on. Does the flow of questions ever end… does the search ever stop?”

Peter Bjørneg – Vocals
Stefan Krey – Guitar
Kaspar Luke – Bass
Philip Kjær Morthorst – Drums

Sanctuary (Album 2020)
Alkymist (Album 2018)
Element (EP 2017)