Piss Vortex

”Climaxing Into Oblivion.
A Dead Sperm Shot Across an Endless Void.”

Why not? This is the case of PISS VORTEX. The sentences above describes life, love, death and meaningslessness in one messy image, as it can occur to the human mind in a giant non-repliant universe. Why not write those words then? Fuck it. Lets do it. And let’s accompany this sentiment with the most psyched out, challenging, mindfucking and bodywrecking sounds possibly imagined. Why? Why not? Fuck it. Let’s just do it. Here we go.

Copenhagen-based progressive grinders PISS VORTEX are back with their new EP ”Future Cancer”. Since their shattering selftitled 2014 debut album, the quartet has been touring with label mates Fossils and Anti Ritual, playing local shows with the likes of Brutal Truth, Retox, Mutoid Man and Today Is The Day as well as laying waste to Roskilde Festival with a crushing performance in 2015. While these shows have proven PISS VORTEX to be one of the most explosive and exciting extreme musical acts home and abroad, the quartet has determinantly been mocking boundaries in the rehearsal room writing material for the new EP.

Working once again with producer Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Town Portal, Lack a.o.), the six songs of ”Future Cancer” were recorded live in the studio over two days, displaying a clear progression of a band falling into place just to dissolve into the next experiment without fear or nothing to prove. They have already created their own game and it shows. Heavier. Grimmer. Faster. Slower. More revolting in its extreme shape and expression, more challenging in its intuitive progressiveness, more mindbending in its emphazisation of spaced out psychedelica and generally just more fucked up than ever. This is PISS VORTEX’ ”Future Cancer”.

The ”Future Cancer” EP will be released as black 12” vinyl and digital formats on April 1st via Indisciplinarian, and the release will be followed by live dates in their native Denmark and abroad. Rest assured that you will be crushed, squeezed, beaten and fucked over – the Vortex will suck you in!

Simon Stenbæk Christensen – Vocals
Christian Bonnesen – Guitars
Rasmus Moesby – Bass
Niclas Sauffaus – Drums

Future Cancer (EP 2016)
Piss Vortex (Album 2014)