In 2015, noiseproggers FOSSILS had their Roskilde Festival debut and with that, one of the band’s biggest wishes came true. A performance at the legendary Roskilde Festival, the second largest music festival in Europe, had been on the band’s bucket list for years, and Saturday night, July 4th that dream became reality.

An experience of this kind had to be documented and preserved for posterity. So now, FOSSILS and INDISCIPLINARIAN are releasing a 7"- vinyl bearing the fitting moniker “Altered Steaks”. The record consists of four deliciously prepared songs served live at the Roskilde Gloria stage, where FOSSILS played an unusually extensive one hour show, stirring up a fiery crowd.

It’s been a priority for the band that this moment was recorded and released. To play a show at the highly esteemed Roskilde Festival was, and is so far, the peak of a career, which since 2010 has been documented on two full length albums, a single, a cassette tape experiment featuring a variety of guest vocalists - and recently a track on the compilation record 'Collisions With An Insignificant City', which documents the local scene of Aarhus, Denmark.

The four songs on the record is a display of both old and new. “Stun” and “Carnivore Arrest” are both songs from the band’s latest full length “Flesh Hammer”, which is given a hard, but fair and firm treatment live, while “Cerebral Vortex” and “Baconized” are two brand new songs – hard hitting indications of what’s to come on the band’s next album. The digital version of “Altered Steaks” contains another three FOSSILS “classics” from the Roskilde show, besides the four on the vinyl version.

“Altered Steaks” is another well prepared lump of flesh from FOSSILS’ “Meat Locker”....and there’s more in stock! FOSSILS is now working on new material for the next album, expected to arrive in early 2017 – mildly put, there’s more fresh meat heading your way!

Per Silkjær - Drums
Simon Tornby - Bass

Altered Steaks (EP 2016)
The Meating (EP 2015)
Flesh Hammer (album 2014)
The Veal Thing (EP 2012)
Meat Rush (album 2011)