ELITIST - Photo by Niklas Jørgensen

Conceived in 2018 and consisting of current and former members of underground acts such as PISS VORTEX, DYSGNOSTIC and UXDXS, ELITIST is a forward-thinking death metal monstrosity from Copenhagen, Denmark. After years of preparation, the band is now proud to present its debut LP A Mirage of Grandeur.

ELITIST brings something different to the table of the booming Danish death metal scene, effortlessly melding jagged, angular riffs and leads with relentless blast beats and frenetic, dexterous basswork. At the center of the chaos, everything is held together by a dual vocal attack ranging from cavernous bellows to desperate shrieks. The result is a musical expression that stays true to its death metal roots, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from the punishing brutality of grindcore and the industrial clamor of noise rock. This unorthodox approach and willingness to experiment is what sets ELITIST apart from their immediate peers.

Thematically, A Mirage of Grandeur is a scathing critique of social, political and cultural elitism and superiority. In the words of the band themselves: “It is the central thesis of the album that boundless arrogance and contempt for perceived lessers is customary among the self-satisfied decision-makers and gatekeepers of our time. Therefore, A Mirage of Grandeur is dedicated to those who are utterly convinced of their own magnificence and therefore have nothing to spare for the undeserving; those who believe that their status makes them untouchable; those who would simply prefer to shrug at the oncoming catastrophes facing humanity. This album is for you.”

Thomas Fischer - Vocals, bass
Simon Stenbæk Christensen - Vocals, guitars
Rasmus Moesby Sørensen - Guitars
Niclas Sauffaus - Drums

A Mirage of Grandeur (Album 2023)