Photo by Adriana Zak

Danish black metal band ORM returns with its third album ‘Intet • Altet’ set for a September 30th 2022 release through Indisciplinarian. It is a double album once again expanding on ORMs epic and visionary black metal via a narrative about four life phases unfolded over four grandiose compositions.

ORM was formed in 2015 and released its eponymous debut album in 2017 setting the stage for the band’s epic melodic, black metal. Their sophomore album “Ir” from 2019 saw ORM transcend the confines of contemporary black metal with a full LP consisting of two long tracks of progressive extreme music. ORM always seeks to expand their artistic universe and to explore the boundaries of extreme metal and push beyond them. One of the band’s unique hallmarks is the epic format with long compositions and simultaneously personal and metaphysical narratives on human existence.

On “Ir”, the beautiful yet extreme music is the soundtrack to a personal story of loss, grief and sorrow, rooted in the member’s native island of Bornholm. The usage of the island’s unique landscapes and folklore adds a physicality to the album’s lyrics, but also a metaphysical dimension that centers around fundamental concepts such as life and death. The long compositions constantly evolve and change, exploring the full breadth of the dynamic spectrum, ensuring the listener’s attention is transfixed throughout the whole experience.

Extremely well received by the press and audience alike, ‘Ir’ and the following EP ‘Mit Blod’ from 2020 garnered attention both within and outside the extreme metal community, leading to raving reviews, a nomination to the prestigious Danish critics award “Steppeulven” and well attended shows in Scandinavia.

When playing live, ORM is a spiritual experience, where the audience is transported into a chaotic realm where the raging ocean waves strike relentlessly at the ragged granite shores, breaking them apart and leaving behind a serene landscape, tranquil in its ravished emptiness. Live, ORM beckons you into their world, asking you to listen intently to discover the delicate detail hidden within their frantic wall of sound.

On ORM’s third album ’Intet • Altet’ (‘The Nothing • The All’ in Danish) consisting of more than 90 minutes of music distributed on two LPs, the band once again advances and evolves its art even further. The mastodonic format affords ORM even more freedom to unfold their musical vision, as it soars high among the mountain peaks, then roars with the raging rapids only to then dip low into the valleys to meditate with the forgotten spirits.

’Intet • Altet’ tackles the four stages of life, inspired by the band’s own progression – personally and musically. Each of the four compositions centers around a distinct life stage – the fiery youth, the burdened adult, the ascetic hermit, and finally the ascension into the next realm. The lyrics are inspired by the psalms and legends that mark the passage between the life stages, and ultimately the inevitable passage from life to death.

Simon Sonne Andersen - Guitars & Vocals
Theis Wilmer Poulsen - Guitars & Vocals
Adam Bjørn Schønemann-Warming - Drums

Intet • Altet (Double Album 2022)
Mit Blod (EP 2020)
Ir (Album 2019)
Orm (Album 2017)