Copenhagen based hardcore combo NYT LIV is now releasing the debut album ‘Ensomhedens Kolde Kald (“The Cold Calling of Solitude”) with ten songs made of a roaring ferocity and intensity combined with dynamic songwriting in a lyrical field of social indignation. NYT LIV was formed in 2016 and subsequently recorded the debut EP ‘Livet Brænder’ (‘Life is Burning’), which was released August 2017. Following the release came an busy 2018 during which the band made a mark with performances at big Danish Festivals such as Roskilde, Copenhell and Aalborg Metal Festival. NYT LIV is a flock of experienced musicians from the Danish hardcore and metal scene in which the members has recorded and toured with a string of powerful acts. The merits of the members are showing in a focused songwriting and sound as well as in the band’s energetic and confrontative shows that are equally solid entertainment and indignant catharsis, depending on what you seek to extract from a hard hitting rock performance. Either way, the human immediacy of the music does not deny itself, and it is swiftly realized, that this is a band with something on their mind.

As on the debut EP, NYT LIV’s debut album is recorded with Jacob Bredahl producing and Brad Boatright (Modern Life Is War, Nails) mastering and giving the album an aggressive, organic and intimate sound. Bredahl is an old friend of the band and its members, whom has all recorded with him in prior contexts. Therefore a cooperation was natural and with his signature and background in the same scene, Bredahl comes of as an integrated part of the band’s sound. The unit’s music can be viewed as a summary of the members’ earlier endeavours plus the experienced musician’s natural pursuit of an expression void of detours and unnecessary elements. NYT LIV cuts to the bone and delivers direct and engaging songs in a hard rocking and melodic version of metallic hardcore, in which music and lyrics seems to be perfect for communicating with a attentive audience. It is possible to have good time, but also to let one be captured and rightfully enraged from the personal and solemn narratives that portraits a world on the brink of dissolution.

NYT LIV’s singer and lyricist Michael Aagesen composes a straightforward and simple Danish poetry, which positions itself within the literary tradition of Danish social realism from the 70’s. The songs touches upon subjects such as loneliness, abuse, love and suicide, and the sympathy lies with people, as most people are: Without power, money and agency and with perfectly normal problems of both existential psychological and economical observance. Devoid of academic manners, the troubles of the little man and woman are examined from a personal perspective, where Aagensens own experiences speaks within the lines, but where also a macro perspective lives within the songs. The life world of the individual is often an expression of greater contexts and the problems emerge as the consequence of structures to which we are simultaneously submitted and are paradoxically also accomplices in upholding. The depiction of the woes of the individual contains therefore a societal critique and equally a call for change as to how we treat and view each other. The “cold call of solitude” is a much needed proclamation to all of us to stand up for ourselves, but also to stand up for each other – No matter the cost.

Michael Benborg Aagesen – Vocals
Martin Goltermann – Guitar
Søren Hvidt – Bass
Simon Erlendsson – Drums

Ensomhedens Kolde Kald (Album 2019)
Livet Brænder (EP 2017)