ANTI RITUAL is a new band consisting of four experienced musicians with roots in the Copenhagen hardcore and metal scene. The 16 minutes of music on the band’s eponymous debut ep can be described as a bastard of hardcore, sludge and black metal taking its own form beyond genre descriptions conveying aggression and negative feelings in musical form.

ANTI RITUAL was formed with the intention of having a pure musical, artistic and ideological outlet without having to struggle with the usual bullshit of being in a band and dealing with the music business. To let the music and the words speak for itself without having to think strategically and shove it down peoples throats. In itself this biography is in opposition to this wish, but it will probably be fair to put forth just a bare minimum of facts on the band and the record, for those who might be interested.

”Anti Ritual” was recorded and produced by the band itself, mixed by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Rising, Lack a.o) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Sleep, From Ashes Rise a.o.). The six tracks on the EP are delivered with blistering rage naturally merging hardcore, metal and D-beats into a frontal, cohesive attack, while being accompanied by lyrics and themes that leaves the listener in no doubt of it’s intentions: a harsh critique of the structures of mainstream society that enslaves our thoughts and actions.

Structures such as the corrupt political ”democratic” capitalist society and it’s politicians; the repressing slave dogmatics of religion and its denouncement of reason and science; the patriarchal culture in which rape is a weapon; the exploitation of nature subsequently leading to our own doom – and the list of evils continue. The lyrics are critical and deconstructing, but still the intent is NOT nihilistic and NOT degrading – the rage and frustration stems from love to life and the good in people and how this always seem to be crushed by stupidity and greed. The Anti Ritual is the act by which you criticize, take a stand and act upon it – it’s the individual claiming itself back. To a violent soundtrack of four musicians playing their heart out.

On the physical 12” record, one can find the following appendix addressing the intent and function behind ANTI RITUAL, it’s music and words:
“Being a band that focuses on politics, the lyrical content quickly becomes the same old run of the mill, in terms of subjects and so on. What we present here though, is not so much our attempts to change the world with our music, neither is it our two cents on a variety of social and political topics. The lyrics serve as a valve, to do something constructive with our anger and frustration, instead of sinking into apathy. It’s an attempt to swim, not to drown. That said, music is a powerful vessel by which to convey ideas. Plato wrote: “Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the laws of the State always change with them”. One can only hope, that in this case, change means total and utter destruction.“

Marco Malcorps – Voice
Jacob Krogholt – Guitar
Nikolaj Borg – Drums
K.B. Larsen – Bass

Anti Ritual (EP 2014)