Since the band’s formation in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008, RISING has displayed their relentless, crushing tones, fierce musicianship and a strong sense for melody and songwriting combining straightforward classic metal elements with the mammoth amplification and persuasion of upbeat sludge/doom metal. The band’s discography began with two initial self-released EP’s, and later with two full-length albums “To Solemn Ash” (2011) and “Abominor” (2013). RISING backed the initial EP’s and the debut album with several tours in Denmark and mainland Europe along with festival appearances such as Roskilde (DK), Copenhell (DK) and Hultsfred (SWE). After the recording of the second album “Abominor”, the trio disbanded due to creative disagreements, leaving the future of RISING and the new album uncertain, while “Abominor” subsequently saw its release on guitarist and main composer Jacob Krogholt’s newly founded label Indisciplinarian.

Krogholt quickly teamed up with original drummer Martin Niemann with the intention of carrying on the band, if the original chemistry of the two founding members was intact. The initial jams in the fall of 2013 proved that the spark was indeed present and over the next year and a half the duo wrote a wide variety of material that was to be the backbone of the next album. Along the way several musicians were tried out, but it wasn’t before December 2014 that new members started joining the band. Singer Morten Grønnegaard was the first one to enter and subsequently bass player Bjarke Lassen joined. In Aug/Sept 15, this quartet recorded 10 songs for the new album with producer Jacob Bredahl (By The Patient, The Kandidate a.o.) at Dead Rat Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, while Brad Boatright (Sleep, Nails a.o.) mastered the album at Audiosiege.

The new album “Oceans Into Their Graves” is undeniably RISING in every way, with its severe heaviness and melodic sensibilities inherited in Jacob Krogholt’s riffing and songwriting fiercely pushed onwards by Martin Niemann’s aggressive and dynamic drumming. New sonic elements are introduced by the new members of the band and a rethinking of the band’s initial trio-format. Firstly, the most notable change to the RISING sound is new lead singer Morten Grønnegaard and his melodic, yet still raw and powerful approach, handing the band and the forthcoming album a broader appeal and a more diverse expression. “Oceans Into Their Graves” also sees an expansion guitar-wise, as the new material was recorded by Krogholt for two guitarists adding increased interplay, variation, sonic textures and classic twin guitar work to the RISING sound. While not a part of the album recording, the role as the additional guitarist is now undertaken by new full-time member Anders Bo Rasmussen, known in the local scene for his work with several Danish indie- and metal-bands. Along with Bjarke Lassen’s organic and heavy bass work, which underlines the classic metal vibe, RISING of today is a band with an intact crushing energy, but with more melody, bigger variation and dynamics.

The thematic content of “Oceans Into Their Graves” revolves around death in all shapes and on all levels: The subjective personal death and the existential challenges it involves for man. The sense of death in life, the coercive unavoidable changes of mind and body, that reminds us of the contingency of all beings. The death inflicted by societal structures, whether it be political or ideological governance. And finally the universal, non-personal death that is an inherent part of the eternal cycles of the universe – the non-human forces of nature that do not discriminate or question, but is their own purposeful power, to which the hopes and dreams of humans must submit. “From all birth, like all earth, this way all dirt must go…” as Grønnegaard writes in album opener “All Dirt”. Even oceans fall into the graves one day. And rise again in new shapes and forms, as death is essentially connected with life in the ever flowing waves of the universe. The album artwork for “Oceans Into Their Graves” created by singer Morten Grønnegaard seeks to express the powers working in and around the human race, which lays everything to waste and gives birth to it all once again.


Morten Grønnegaard – Vocals
Jacob Krogholt – Guitars
Anders Bo Rasmussen – Guitars
Bjarke Lassen – Bass
Martin Niemann – Drums

Oceans Into Their Graves (album 2016)
Abominor (album 2013)
To Solemn Ash (album 2011)
Legacy of Wolves (single 2010)
S/T (EP 2009)